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Mould and mildew is a horrible thing to find in your house, they are both part of the fungi family and thrive in damp, dark environments with poor air circulation such as bathrooms and cupboards. They can both grow in warm airless environments and also cold draughty areas (like I’ve had by our master bedroom […]

Every computer running windows from 3.1 onwards has something called a “registry” its primary purpose was to store configuration settings for the operating system. After using your computer for several months installing and removing programs you will find that the registry will get clogged up. Using Eusing Free Registry Cleaner you can clean up the […]

Ok, so you’ve just wallpapered your living room to make a feature wall and you now want to make a little picture frame for the opposite side of the room. This is an easy task and you only need a few bits to do it with. What you will need: length of wood (size doesn’t […]