Ok so the other day I stupidly deleted all the pictures off my Nokia N95 via lifeblog. In what mind would Nokia be so stupid enough not to tell us that if you deleted anything from lifeblog it would delete it from the phone entirely!?!?!!? URGH! Anyway after loosing about 700 odd pictures and cursing like a chav I decided to try to recover them.

Upon searching our great friend Google I found a pretty good solution called DRW.

I downloaded the demo and found that it was really helpful and was able to get most of my files back. This in turn made me quite a bit happier.

With its easy to use interface you can easily select the area you want to try and get restored.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t guarantee that this will restore every photo (only because it didn’t do it to mine) but I managed to get back about 75% of them. The software costs around £40 (depending on the rates for GBP and USD)