Ok, so you’ve just wallpapered your living room to make a feature wall and you now want to make a little picture frame for the opposite side of the room. This is an easy task and you only need a few bits to do it with.

What you will need:

  • length of wood (size doesn’t matter, but take into consideration that it has to go onto the wall so you don’t want a huge piece)
  • saw (if you have a mitre saw, this would be better for the angles)
  • mitre block if you don’t have a mitre saw
  • staple gun
  • wallpaper
  • wood glue
  • scissors
  • string


Step 1

Cut your lengths of wood into 4 of the same size, in my example I cut them to 36cm.

Step 2

Using a mitre block or mitre saw, cut 45 degree angles on the wood you’ve just cut like the picture below. (click to make bigger)

You need to make sure that when you cut your angles, they are cut the same way as shown on the picture, otherwise when you try to put them together, you won’t get a perfect square.

Step 3

Using the wood glue, put some glue  around the corners of the joins to help stick them together, then use the staple gun to staple the joins together (this will help people stick the glue together without having to hold it for 24hrs If you have the corner clamps, use those instead.)

Check the picture below to see the blue drawings of where the staples need to be put.  (I would also advise you to staple both sides).

Let the wood glue dry for 24hrs…

Step 4

Now that the wood glue has dried, get your wallpaper, put it over the top of the frame and decide on where you want it to go on the frame (this is if you have patterns on the wallpaper) Once you are happy with the location of the wallpaper on the frame, push the corners down to keep them as stretched as best as possible.

Once this has been done, flip the frame over (with the wallpaper on the floor) so that you can staple the wallpaper to the back. (see picture).

Step 5

Staple some string onto the back of the wallpaper frame. Flip the frame back over and now admire your work!



Here is a picture of the finished product 🙂

Making a picture frame from spare wood and left over wallpaper