Mould and mildew is a horrible thing to find in your house, they are both part of the fungi family and thrive in damp, dark environments with poor air circulation such as bathrooms and cupboards. They can both grow in warm airless environments and also cold draughty areas (like I’ve had by our master bedroom window). They usually form a thin covering that is either white, black or bluey-green in colour. When trying to remove mould and mildew you have to act fast and efficiently because mould release microscopic spores which hang around in the air and get pushed around the house naturally and can get everywhere. These spores are obviously invisible to the naked eye and can lie dormant for huge periods of time until there is enough moisture in that environment for them to germinate. The only natural way to kill ungerminated spores is with extreme heat or extreme cold.

Mould Removal:

If you know you have mould around the house and want to get rid of it there are several ways I can tell you how to get rid of it. Recently I’ve found out that there is a natural way which in my opinion works much better than the paid products… White Vinegar.

Things you’ll need:

  • Pair of rubber/latex gloves.
  • 2 x Clean cloth.
  • Container to hold liquid in.
  • Kitchen Roll.
  • White vinegar (from tescos or another shop)  OR go to your local DIY store and get some anti-mould killer.


I would highly recommend White Vinegar because its 100% natural and is pet safe. The smell of the vinegar also helps remove the musty smell. 80% of the Anti-Mould killers are generally not safe for pets or the environment.

Black mould in baseboard

Black Mould in baseboard

Instructions to remove mould:

  1. Clean the area as best as possible with a clean damp cloth to remove any big spores of mould, don’t rub too hard because you may remove the paint work.
  2. Once cleaned pour some white vinegar (or anti-mould product) into the container and dip the cloth into it so it soaks it up then gently clean the offending area. (Nb you’ll see how the mould just easily comes off).
  3. Once completed double check the area to make sure you’ve removed it all and then dry the area with some kitchen roll.


If working on cheap paint or wallpaper, test a small area hidden away first!

How to prevent mould coming back:

The first way to help prevent mould is to buy a dehumidifier these clever machines reduce the level of humidity in the air. They work by an electric fan sucking moist air into the machine. The warm air then passes over freezing cold pipes which circulate constantly (like a freezer). As the air cools it turns to liquid and drips into a drip tray / bucket which then you empty every 24 – 48 hours. You can buy them from most DIY stores and various shops such as Currys and Dixons (UK based stores).

The second way to help prevent mould is to get an air purifier. These work by sucking air into the device through an electronic fan which then filters out air borne critters such as mould and dust. These have great health benefits as well.


I hope this helps, if you have any questions please comment below.